"It has been our great pleasure to collaborate with Daniela on hundreds of Spanish translation projects over the last ten years. The majority of our work is technical or semi-technical and we have been extremely pleased not only with her reliable high quality and accuracy, but also with the clarity and naturalness of her translations. We can always be assured that her translation will never sound like one. This is particularly true with regard to the countless marketing-related projects that she has done for us in a variety of subject areas. Daniela is particularly adept at such work since she is perfectly bilingual and bicultural. Her work can be found on hundreds of well-known and Fortune 500 products. From a business and quality assurance point of view, it’s reassuring to know that any project we entrust to Daniela will constantly surpass our own exacting standards, be delivered on time and done at a reasonable cost. She defines everything that an excellent translator should be and it is our privilege to work with her."

Bill Zart, Director of Translation Services

“It has been a pleasure to work with Daniela over the last two and half years. She is always conscientious, dependable, and responsive. Daniela is one of our most trusted translators and she can be counted on to point out issues and resolve problems with the wording of our text, which is often very specialized. We plan to continue working with her for many years!”

Diane Barrett, Recruitment and Translation Coordinator

“Our long term working relationship with Daniela Guanipa speaks for itself; the outstanding quality of her work, reliability and commitment to excellence has made her our benchmark for translations and copywriting with other languages. She carefully takes into account the target groups ensuring the Spanish copy is appropriate and inclusive of regional differences. She also optimizes the use of the latest technology available to warrant consistency and building terminology for our translations. Her input is always valuable when detecting improvements for the original copy. As an advertising agency, we have always received positive feedback from our clients for her work, which makes our partnership with Daniela a great asset to our company.”

Luiz Caldeira, President & CEO

“Daniela is one of our best translators whose work we can always depend on. She has been part of our team of freelancers since 2007. During this time, Daniela has provided translation for a large volume of text related to healthcare, travel, and education. We have always been very satisfied with Daniela’s work. Daniela is a great communicator. She is responsive to emails and calls, respects deadlines, and is very pleasant to work with. We at MTM LinguaSoft wish Daniela the best of luck!”

“Daniela is a top-notch linguist who delivers outstanding translations, even when the source text is highly specialized. She routinely solves complex terminology issues. Her translations conserve the meaning extremely well, but she also writes with style and flair, neatly adhering to the source text register. All in all, it is a delight to work with her.”

Jean-Hugo Drouillet Conde
ATA-Certified Translator, English>Spanish
AOUSC-State Certified Court Interpreter
CCHI-Certified Healthcare Interpreter

“We have been working with Daniela for years and she has not only been a translator but a great partner on so many English to Spanish translation projects. She is very thorough and attentive to detail and everyone loves partnering with her. Her dedication to her work and quality mean a lot to me and my team. She always meets deadlines and is easily available. I would recommend Daniela to anyone!”

Nicole Byers, Translation Director at Language Training Center