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Creativity with a scientific approach

Every project I undertake - whether it is a transcreation or translation of a regulatory report - follows a specific process that conforms to the ASTM F2575-14 Standard Guide for Quality Assurance in Translation.

The ASTM F2575-14 ensures delivery of a top quality product by providing a framework where you - my customer - and I, can define clear parameters and expectations for each project.


"Every act of communication is an act of translation"
-Gregory Rabassa

In any language, being able to clearly and accurately express your ideas is key to success. But when translating these ideas into a different language, there are many considerations beyond the mere act of finding the equivalent words in the target language. Culture, imagery, and subtleties are all very important aspects that could dramatically change our intended message.

Drawing on all my years of experience, and through the use of various technologies, tools, and references, I can ensure consistency and surgical precision, to reflect your brand’s unique style throughout the translation, in a culturally and target appropriate manner.

My areas of specialization, and samples of materials I work with, include:

  • Pharmaceutical and Biomedicine: Informed consents, clinical trial documents.
  • Medical and Healthcare: Patient education materials, brochures, patient reports and evaluations, articles for medical journals.
  • Luxury Brands: Catalogs, brochures, websites, and marketing campaign materials.
  • Marketing and Media: Brochures, signage, packaging, website localization, newsletters, radio spots, documentaries, movies (dubbing, voiceover and subtitling).
  • Legal: General contracts, pleadings, court documents.

My areas of specialization apply to the following language pairs:

  • English>Spanish (ATA Certified)
  • Portuguese>Spanish

I translate non-specialized text in the Spanish/Portuguese>English combinations.

If this is your first time looking at buying translation services, I encourage you read the wonderful guide Translation: Getting it Right, offered by the American Translators Association.

Please contact me to discuss your project and how I can best serve your language needs.


To put it simply, proofreading means to check for errors that can materially impact the translation– such as misspellings – while editing is also concerned with style, improving readability, and terminology research. When a client requests my services as a proofreader of an already translated document, I look at the following:

  • Source against target
  • Translation accuracy
  • Spelling
  • Grammar and syntax
  • Punctuation
  • Consistency
  • Basic format
  • Numbers

My role as an editor includes all the elements of proofreading, plus:

  • Style and register
  • Terminology check and research
  • Provide suggestions to improve readability (such as adding a Translator Note).
  • All my translations are proofread at no additional charge. I also offer the option to have my translations reviewed by a second proofreader.

Please contact me to discuss your project.