About me & Résumé

About me & Résumé

I became a freelance translator 17 years ago in my native Venezuela, out of my passion for languages, reading, and the art of translation.

Soon after graduating from college with a BA in International Studies in Caracas, I submitted an application to work at a film production company that offered training as an audiovisual translator to candidates who were proficient in English and Portuguese. I thought it was a great opportunity while waiting to land a “real job”. I have never looked back.

I relocated to the United States in late 2000, and lived in Indianapolis for over eight years. I believe this experience is what eventually allowed me to become fully bicultural.

Through the years, I have acquired a great deal of experience; I became certified as a translator by the American Translators Association, and a certified interpreter by the Indiana Supreme Court.

Although it might sound paradoxical, what changed my perspective as a freelance translator and helped shape my career, was the experience of overseeing translation departments for two different companies – one in Caracas, one in Indianapolis. Through these jobs, I learned the management and customer service aspects of this business, and I believe that is what sets me apart from most: my ability to understand my client’s needs and to translate it into action.

At least once a year, I can be found at a translation-related conference, because I strive to keep my language and technology skills up to date. Yes, professional translators need to actively maintain their skills, just like doctors and attorneys. Remember, this is a profession!

I currently live in Miami, Florida, with my husband and daughter. I still miss the Midwest – especially in the fall, my favorite season! But I have come to appreciate Florida and its undeniably wonderful weather, superb outdoor life, and the kaleidoscope that is the city of Miami.

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